Imperial Helium Corp is pleased to announce our partnerships with Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. and Cronin Capital Corp.

March 3, 2020  |   by   Imperial Helium 

Imperial Helium Corp., a Vancouver-based junior company exploring for helium in western Canada, is pleased to announce two partnerships to form a best in class management team.

Technical Advisor
Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. (

Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. is a global petroleum geoscience consulting firm, based in Calgary, Alberta. PRCL offers technical and strategic exploration and development services to clients in more than 40 countries in many of the major petroleum basins of the world. Petrel Robertson was founded in 1972 and was affiliated with UK-based Robertson Research International for a number of years. The current ownership / management team has almost 100 years of domestic and international petroleum geoscience and strategic experience.

Financial Advisor
Cronin Capital Corp. (

Cronin Capital is a natural resource focused merchant bank based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Cronin provides early to mid stage resource businesses with intelligent capital, access to a global network of financiers, and strategic advice. Cronin works with management teams to deliver above average returns while building sound long-term business opportunities.

David Johnson, Imperials’ CEO commented “Our business focus is to secure helium resources for the future. The partnerships announced today will provide a best in class management team with more than 100 years of technical experience in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, along with specialist capital market knowledge in natural resources. These will go a long way to building not just our company, but fast tracking an emerging industry in Canada.”

Helium is a valuable commodity with many advanced high-technology applications. It is commonly extracted as a by-product of natural gas production, although it may also occur in gas reservoirs dominated by other inert gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide with little or no hydrocarbon content.

World helium demand is increasing every year, while long-term supplies from the United States are in decline, and new supplies from the Eastern Hemisphere carry considerable political risk.

Historically, helium production from Western Canada has been limited, but Imperial Helium & PRCL have developed new exploration strategies, leveraging our extensive technical and strategic knowledge of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. We will supply geoscience and engineering expertise to Imperial Helium in identifying, appraising and developing new helium production.