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Helium: Cormark Securities Inc.

Cash as at March, 2021: $14,500,000

Capital Structure

Imperial Helium will be looking to complete our Initial Public Offering in the June quarter of 2021. Below is an indicative view of our capital structure upon listing. Please note these are subject to change.

Issued and Outstanding @ $0.05 14,582,000
Mezzanine Financing @ $0.20 7,550,275
Go Public Financing @ $0.25 56,059,468
Corporate Finance & Broker Shares Issued 3,392,800
Performance Shares
Milestone One (Acquisition) 2,000,000
Milestone Two (Listing) 4,000,000
Milestone Shares (Non-vested) 14,000,000
Total Performance Shares (Vested and Non-vested) 20,000,000
Issued and Outstanding on Go Public 87,584,543
Post Money Valuation on Go Public Including $14.5m Cash $21,896,136
Free float on Go Public Listing Date (%) 77%
* Shares issued in the seed financing (13,888,000 shares) and vested performance shares (6,000,000) are subject to a 6-month hold period from go public listing date.

Competitive Matrix

Global Production Map

Our competitors (producing and non-producing) are located around the world. However, much of the world’s current helium is produced in geopolitically unfavorable regions. There is a pressing need to expand helium production within North America, and more specifically, Canada.

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