Securing helium for the future

Driven by Canadian geoscience and engineering expertise, in combination with our proprietary helium well database, Imperial Helium is securing helium to meet the growing global demand for this irreplaceable resource.

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Why Helium?

Helium is one of the smallest, lightest, most stable gases, making it incredibly unique, useful, and valuable.

Helium is critical for industrial applications in medicine, advanced manufacturing, cooling & cryogenics, scientific research, lifting, leak detection, and more.

While abundant in the universe, accessible helium concentrations are rare, resulting in a limited global supply.

Geopolitically stable supplies of helium in North America are expected to remain in a prolonged deficit, subsequent to the end of U.S. Bureau of Land Management helium sales in 2018.

Why Imperial Helium?

Led by a management team with over 100 years of experience in the energy and resource industries, we use a targeted, data-driven approach to acquire assets in Alberta and British Columbia with high value helium ready to extract, separate and sell.

Our Strategy

We’ve prioritized the acquisition of proven helium resources over higher risk exploration programs. This approach leads to helium production within 24 months of acquisition and helps fill a significant gap between demand and supply in North America.

Our approach

We are sourcing helium efficiently

Our proprietary helium well database combined with internal market-leading geoscience and engineering expertise, allows us to secure proven helium bearing wells. Proven wells bear far lower fiscal risk than those found in exploration.

We are aligning ourselves strategically with specialists

By developing a strategic alliance, we are securing partnerships with specialists who design and build helium separation and refining units. This allows us to increase efficiency and profitability along the value chain, relative to pure helium exploration companies.

We are setting up to sell

To allow us to confidently extract helium resources and then sell into ready markets, we are partnering with commercial gas buyers.


Imperial Helium is a Canadian company currently developing the Steveville Asset in Alberta, Canada as well as evaluating other opportunities in North America.


Imperial Helium is seeking investment opportunities in the form of farm-ins and/or acquisition of both producing and shut-in assets.

For more information, please contact David Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at


Imperial Helium is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol “IHC.TSXV”.

For more information, please contact Kyle Hookey, VP of Corporate Finance at

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